Introduction of new bill chucks off vaping from TPD

If you’re a vaping enthusiast who loves to vape and who has been using vaping for ditching smoking, there’s good news for you. There is a new bill that has been introduced to exclude the total vape industry from all sorts of TPD rules. Until we tend to move forward to know what this bills is and how it was introduced and where, this news seems to be great indeed. If you’re thinking about who the man is, it is Sir Christopher Chope who introduced this bill and rather than being a standard bill, it falls in the category of Private Member’s Bill.

Such Private Member’s bills are most often put forward by different politicians and it is sad enough to note that such politicians aren’t federal representatives. These bills design an occasion where the policy of the government is discussed due to not enough attention that the bill was subject to in the House of Commons. Though electronic cigarettes along with the new trend of vaping had already been discussed few months ago in the House of Commons, it has been quite possible that they were not taken seriously enough.

Then what is the reason behind being impressed? Why should the vapers feel happy? Well, it’s no longer a secret that the UK vaping industry is deemed to be the largest in the whole world as there are more than 3 million vapers. Hence, you can’t ignore this mammoth industry. There are several bills which are introduced, which are discussed upon and then they face a death in the debate room. Nevertheless, while everyone is of the impression that the government hasn’t paid attention to this, we would like to believe that there is an outside show which implies that the government can take this bill rather too seriously.

Although the IBVTA doesn’t anticipate that this bill will be passed, this is certainly going to be a vital step forward for the entire vaping industry due to the mammoth size. So, do you think that your government can keep this issue in the form of a debate? This makes it even more unlikely that this bill isn’t going to come into effect. Though you needn’t celebrate the win prematurely, it is still being considered as a win-win situation.