Marketing Natural Skincare as Luxury Skincare

How does a company like Massachusetts-based Poethique compete in the crowded field of luxury skincare products while still pursuing its core philosophies of natural beauty and organic treatments? How does a small startup just introducing its first product to the market compete with a more established company like Poethique? In the skincare business, effective marketing is everything. How a company tells its story determines how well it will reach its target audience.

One company may have a great anti-aging facial oil that, in terms of ingredients, is comparable to a competing luxury product with greater name recognition. Both products do the same job equally well, but the one with name recognition sells more easily. The company with the less popular brand has to overcome a lack of name recognition in order to succeed in the luxury market.

In the end, that is what marketing is all about. It is about getting your name out there in such a way as to do two things: convince customers to buy your products and begin building a loyal customer base that prefers your brand above all others. In a health and beauty industry that’s growing exponentially by the year, marketing is the difference between winners and losers.

The Importance of Truth and Honesty

There is a general perception in America that business cannot be trusted. That inherent distrust is reserved mostly for large corporations, but even family-owned businesses with just one location are subject to mistrust if they do not make a genuine effort to maintain a policy of truth and honesty in all their marketing efforts.

Poethique is a good example of this principle. Every product page on the Poethique website includes a full ingredient list that anyone can research. The company also makes it clear that their products have been certified by multiple organizations. Those certifications can be checked by anyone who wishes to verify them.

A company that practices truth and honesty in its marketing has nothing to worry about. On the other hand, a company that is less than forthright may have to pay the proverbial piper if the truth ever comes out. And thanks to social media, the risks of being exposed are higher than ever before.

The Importance of Social Media

Since we are talking about social media, let’s talk about its importance for marketing in the health and beauty sector. Social media is the epitome of word-of-mouth exposure. Introduce a handful of customers to a high-quality anti-aging facial oil, and those customers are likely to share their experiences on social media. Conquering the social media beast is a marketing coup for all intents and purposes.

Social media is so important in this day and age that it could mean the difference between competing against the most well-known brands and forever remaining a small company that exists in relative obscurity. It’s no wonder that so many smaller skincare companies are turning to social media as their main marketing platform.

Speaking the Consumer’s Language

Finally, effective skincare marketing relies on being able to speak the consumer’s language. So what are consumers most concerned about? What are the kinds of questions they ask when they search for new products online? Coming to know one’s customers intimately enables a company to speak their language regardless of the marketing method used.

Whether a company sells a revolutionary new anti-aging facial oil or a product that gently exfoliates and restores balance to the skin, selling that product as a luxury skincare product relies on effective marketing. The companies that do marketing the best are the same ones that thrive.