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Kratom Tea: How To Make Kratom Tea?

In Thailand, the Kratom leaves are almost always chewed fresh after removing the fibrous central vein. Dry leaves can also be chewed, however, this is a bit difficult, so most people prefer to crush or consume them in the form of powder to be able to ingest them more easily.

The Kratom powder can be mixed with fruit juice or applesauce. This partially masks the bitter taste of Kratom and allows it to be swallowed quickly. With dried Kratom leaves often a tea is made that is strained and then drunk.

The Kratom can also be smoked, but it is not an advisable method since the amount of leaves that would be needed for a normal dose would be excessive. It is possible to make a Kratom extract by a long process of boiling the fresh or dried leaves. This type of extract can be stored for later use; in …