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The Five Most Commonly Asked Questions About Buying a New Mattress

Mattress shopping shouldn’t be a headache, but without the knowledge and information necessary to make the right purchase, it could very well turn into such a situation. Rather than shop blindly, hoping for the best, take a look at the Q&A below and find answers to your most burning mattresses questions.

Some questions are heard over and over again, such as “why is sleep so important to health” or “what do all the words like ‘memory foam’ or ‘pocketed coils’ mean?”

Don’t start shopping for a new mattress before you’ve received answers to the many questions you likely have.

Mattresses are not all one and the same and rushing to purchase a product without this information can cause regret very quickly. Take a look at the five common questions and answers below to alleviate some of the stress of the purchase.

Here’s a round-up of some of the …