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Hearing Clinic | Ways to Protect Your Hearing

Ways to Care for Your Hearing

Hearing loss can be caused by numerous factors. But did you know that more than 40 million of those who suffer from auditory issues damage their hearing because of excessive noise exposure? If you ask an expert at a hearing clinic, this type of hearing damage can easily be avoided if people practice hearing care and proper safety protocols for noise exposure. Read on to learn a few effective ways you can take care of your hearing. 

Use Proper Hearing Protection 

Sometimes, people cannot help being exposed to excessive noise levels, especially if it is part of their work environment. Those in the construction industry, for example, have to be around heavy equipment that generates anywhere from 80-120 decibels of noise. These can cause hearing damage with just a few hours of exposure. So, if you work in a similar industry, you should practice …

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Everything You Should Know About Teeth Whitening

Many people want to flash a bright and dazzling smile, but the problem is, not everyone has pearly white teeth. The good news is, people can get a whitening procedure from their local dental office. It’s one of the most common dental works and treatments available to those who want to achieve a healthy-looking smile. Here’s a summary of the things you should know about this procedure:

What Causes Discolored Teeth?

There are several factors that cause stained or discolored teeth. Genetics is one example. Some people are just born with a set of teeth that appear to have a yellow or light gray tint. This happens because the enamel of their teeth is translucent, and the dentine underneath it is partially exposed. The dentine is naturally yellowish, so there’s totally nothing wrong if a person’s teeth look a few shades darker than …