Prepare Your Eyes For Summer

Come summertime, protecting your eyes is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Preparing your eyes for summer need not be expensive nor extensive. But first, let’s take a look at what can happen if you don’t take adequate precautions for your eyes. Thanks to Island Eyecare Optometrists for their sponsored post.

  1. Overusing eyedrops – while they may provide temporary relief, overuse of eyedrops can constrict the vessels in and around the eye – which will only lead to more redness.
  2. Rubbing your eyes constantly – your hands are constantly touching things which are exposed to bacteria. Rubbing your eyes with dirty hands can lead to eye infections.
  3. Wearing your contact lenses for too long.
  4. Not giving your eyes a rest. From smartphones, to computer screens and on to TVs, our eyes hardly get a rest from staring at screens all day. Disconnect for a while – if only to rest your eyes.
  5. Not wearing eye protection. If your work environment demands it, wear safety goggles. Don’t do it for the OSHA compliance. Losing an eye to a workplace accident is no joke. And an unscrupulous employer may even look for a way to ease you out if you do lose an eye.

So, how does one prepare their eyes for summer? Summer is the time when we become more active in terms of sports and enjoying outdoor activities, which is when our eyes become more exposed to factors which can damage our eyes. So, here are some precautions to take:

  1. Wear sunglasses – apart from protecting your eyes from glare, sunglasses offer protection from physical impacts. If you’re into sports like skiing, mountain biking, or similar activities, sunglasses offer great protection for your eyes. Constantly exposing yourself to the outdoors can also lead to dry eyes. Sunglasses, specially the wraparound ones, alleviate this condition. Plus, a good pair of shades make you look cool.
  2. Don’t forget swimming goggles. Pools are loaded with chemicals to keep them algae-free. These can be tough on your eyes. Goggles are a cheap and easy way to protect your eyes.
  3. Quit smoking. Yeah, you may lose some coolness factor. But apart from the established health risks that smoking entails, smoking can induce dry eyes, cataracts, and macular degeneration.

With summer also comes the heat. While we enjoy it, we also need to bear in mind that heat is a consideration when protecting our eyes. Intense heat can damage the cornea, causing blurred vision, redness, tearing, and pain. When it comes to protecting our senses, vision is the overwhelming choice over hearing, smell, taste, and feel. One of the better things to care for your eyes throughout the year is to visit your Victoria optometrist on a regular basis.