Some Secrets About Male Erection

Many men have observed their erected penis a lot of time, especially when using testosterone boosters like Male Ultracore but I can assure that most of them do not have a clue about the secrets that are about to be revealed. Here are some of the secrets:

1. Smoking and drinking are not actually cool

Many people all over the world have the habit of smoking and drinking while many people smoke and drink to look cool as well. There are many awareness programs that aware the people about the negative impacts of smoking and drinking.

Despite all the awareness programs, people continue to smoke and drink, ignoring all the health hazards. Now, here is the question for men. Are you ready to sacrifice a strong and hard erection for cigarettes and alcohol? I believe many men would not want to sacrifice their sex life.

After knowing this fact, many men would want to give up their bad habits. Smoking is the leading cause of erectile dysfunction among men under the age of 40, and the study shows that the smokers who consumed more than 20 cigarettes have 60% higher chance of being diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. 

2. Growers and Showers

Even the penises of men have diversity. Some penises are growers, which start small and end up getting very big while some penises are showers, which start big but does not increase a lot in length when it erects.

3. Curvature

There are men whose penis curves slightly left or right when it erects. Many people tend to worry about this fact, but it is not such a serious thing. However, there could be cases where the penis may erect more than 15 degrees off the midline, and this is a thing one must consider. This may indicate Peyronie’s disease (PD).