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The search for a good dentist in Queensburgh is an eternal one

The search for a good dentist in Queensburgh is an eternal one. Most times, people just settle for their exact need at that very moment in time. It could be an emergency visit, a routine visit or something more aesthetic in nature. Very often this sees people seeing different dentists to meet their dental needs. Not so when visiting the best dentist in Queensburgh, based at the Family Dental Care clinic. This is an example of a dentist who tackles all of the above issues in a single practice. This sees to it, that people no longer have to scurry between dentists for their varying dental needs. It can all be handled in one spot, with the best dentist in Queensburgh, irrespective of which what dental treatment or type you are looking for. So many more benefits lie at seeing this best dentist in Queensburgh. Let’s take a …

World’s most technologically advanced toothbrush

In the era of the Internet of Things (IoT), it was a just matter of time before the lowly toothbrush became a high-tech connected gadget. Surrey dentists are more than pleased with this toothbrush.

A recently announced Kickstarter entry claims to be the world’s most advanced toothbrush when it reaches the market. Dubbed as the Dentrii, it can map the contours of your mouth while recording the paths your toothbrush takes. Sensors note the pressure you exert on various areas and the companion smartphone app stores and allows you to send this data to your dentist for evaluation. For extra hygiene, it features single-use replaceable brush heads. The replaceable heads and use of the app are subscription based.

A competitor to the Dentrii is the now available Ara from Kolibree. It’s embedded with motion sensors, a 3D accelerometer, gyroscope, a Bluetooth-connected app, and inductive charging. With the data it gathers, …