Apparao Mukkamala: The name to Trust on in the field of Radiology

In the recent times, radiology has advanced to a great extent which has allowed the physicians to treat the patients in a more well-organized way. The radiology technicians are known as radiologists who have the right knowledge and expertise to use medical imaging techniques such as x-rays, CT or computed tomography, fusion imaging, MRI or magnetic resonance imaging, PET or positron emission tomography, and ultrasound.

Apparao Mukkamala: The well-known name in the field of radiology

Dr. Mukkamala is a radiologist with more than several decades of experience. At present he is based in Flint, Michigan, and works at Hurley Medical Center as chairman of the radiology department. He is popular among his peers and patients for his skills.  He has received a large number of awards and recognitions such as the Dr. Nathan Davis International Award in Medicine and the Hurley Medical Center Pinnacle Award. Furthermore, he has also received the Rotary Foundation International Award, the Mother India International Award and the Clement A. Alfred Humanitarian Award because of his support for the society and the benevolent causes.

Early Life: Apparao Mukkamala is an Indian by birth and he is from Budhavaram, of Krishna district in Andhra Pradesh. After passing out his elementary school he has been to Andhra Loyola College in Vijayawada. He then completed in graduation from Guntur Medical College. After this, he has completed radiology residency at Hurley Medical Center and owns board certification in nuclear radiology, pediatric radiology and radiology.

Dr. Mukkamala always believes in repaying to the community

In order to repay to the society and community he has founded Chinmaya Vijaya Orphanage which offers shelter, food, health care, and education for orphans and teaches young girls self-esteem and traditional values. Aside from finding the orphanage, Apparao Mukkamala is the main founder of the NRI Academy of Sciences. It has been founded with the objective of churning qualified physicians. Graduates from this institute learn the essential skills to perform in their designated field of practice and are also trained in their separate and joint social responsibility.

Furthermore NRI Academy of Sciences houses a 950-bed general hospital, the NRI Academy of Sciences operates as a specialist center that accommodates the NRI Heart and Research Center, a multiple of experts and facilities equipped to treat a variety of cardiovascular diseases. Dr. Mukkamala has contributed more than one million dollar for the NRI Academy of Sciences, Chinmaya Vijaya Orphanage. Dr. Mukkamala tried to spend almost three months in India every year and the remaining months in Michigan, where he assists as clinical professor of radiology at Michigan State University in complement to his clinical practice. He also acts as a mentor and guide among his colleagues, and stands out as a member of the Hurley Health Services’ Board of Directors, American Medical Association’s Council on Legislation and as a member of the Hurley Medical Center’s Board of Managers.

Thus, it can be said that Dr. Mukkamala is a well-known name when it comes to field of radiology.