Head banging for a good cause

Hair loss, as a result of chemotherapy, is one of the most difficult effects to face in cancer treatment. For men, women and children, hair is an integral part of their image. How to face life if you do not have it? That is the advantage of creating human hair wigs.

There is a wide variety of options and styles that patients can choose to face that problem, check out the Amore wigs in stock. It is important because a wig represents the possibility of resuming daily activities. It is a resource that allows them to take some much needed emotional time. In this way, The HairFest gives you the possibility to choose how to deal with the loss of your natural hair.

But what do you do when you need more donations? In this regard, a Mexican organization found a simple, successful and fantastic solution: to organize a Heavy Metal concert, where fans are distinguished by having long hair. The price? They do not need to give money to win a ticket, but to donate their hair to create wigs that can benefit children, women and other cancer patients.

This is the key to the success of The HairtFest, the Heavy Metal concert organized by the Casa de la Amistad for Children with Cancer, together with Ogilvy & Mather México. In its first edition, it raised hair to create more wigs. It’s fantastic because, what for a metalhead is a treasure -30 centimetres of hair slow to grow- is an opportunity for cancer patients to recover their self-esteem.

The event has a hairdressing salon, attended by expert stylists, where the metalettes can donate their hair. The only requirements are that your hair measures more than 25 centimetres and that you shave your head completely. Or of course, anyone who wants to enjoy the concert can deliver their braid or strand, as long as they are delivered by the shore and in a plastic bag.

The first HairFest was so successful that Ogilvy & Mather México won 4 of the award-winning categories – PR, Branded Content and Promo & Activation – at the 61st Cannes International Lions Festival. Now, the idea is to make The HairFest every year; if possible, organize it in different countries; and fill a stadium of metalheads ready to donate their hair, in 2020.

This is an example of what marketing and people can do, when you want to have fun with music, and get the satisfaction of helping a good cause. What’s better for the metalheads? The HairFest gives them the opportunity to get rid of one of their most beloved fetishes so that others can cope with cancer.

No matter who you are, hair is a key element for people’s self-image and self-concept. That’s why it’s never easy to lose it because of a disease like alopecia or cancer. But if you have enough to give to others, what better action than to help them with a part of you?

It’s a way of helping others with something that, for most, it is easy to grow. Bringing PR and the spotlight to such an event, it’s also a way of bringing attention to the importance of showing our empathy and ways in which we can help others.