Fathers’ Rights Attorney In Oklahoma

Whether you’re seeking to determine or challenge paternity, challenge the adoption of your child, terminate your parental rights, or adjust toddler support or visitation order, a fathers’ rights attorney can assist you through the legal process. Because the procedures in exercising or terminating paternity rights are often complicated and involve confusing paperwork and court proceedings, it’s going to be in a father’s best interest to consult an attorney. “Fathers’ rights” may be a relatively new term in family law, and describes a man’s rights to equal treatment about support payment, child custody, and visitation. In the past, when a few would divorce or legally separate, the courts nearly always sided with the mother, granting sole custody to the mother and ordering the daddy to pay support payment.

Today, things are different. Family law judges recognize the worth of the connection between a person and his children, and usually wish to grant equal custody to both parents, as long because it is within the children’s best interest. Furthermore, the courts do not automatically order the daddy to pay support payments. If the mother makes an honest income, and custody is awarded to the daddy, the courts will order the mother to pay support payment to the daddy. If both parents are working, the judge might make the non-custodial parent pay support payment, but it’ll be an amount that’s adequate to what the custodial parent is paying for caring for the kid on a day today.

Under Oklahoma law, if a person features a child out of an unmarried relationship, then that Father is at an inherent disadvantage when exploring his legal rights thereto child, for the only reason that a Father must establish legal paternity first to tend any custodial rights or parenting time with their child. More often than not, we discover that our clients have little to no knowledge of this once they first walk into our office. Repeatedly, fathers are of the mistaken impression that because they pay support payment or are active in their child’s life previously that a court case isn’t necessary for them to secure their legal rights to their child. If this is often your case, at our first very consultation we’ll explain and inform you of the detailed laws on this subject and provides you sound, specific advice on the way to best secure your parental rights to your child fathers rights attorney in Oklahoma courts has come an extended way toward protecting father’s rights. In many courts, there’s not a presumption that mothers are automatically entitled to custody. Instead, courts are starting to favor shared custody on an increased basis — meaning men and women sharing the responsibility for the care of their children.

Fathers can still face a hard battle in certain cases. Out of the gates, some courts can still assume that fathers have histories of being the first breadwinners and not primary caretakers of their children. When this is often the case, fathers need strong and experienced lawyers to best protect their rights.