The success rate of dental implants is almost a hundred percent

The success rate of dental implants is almost a hundred percent. Even that minute account cannot truly be taken into this number factoring. The thing is, is that dental implants are not suited for everyone. Some people simply do not have the bone dentistry to be able to support a dental implant and therefore is one of the contributing factors into dental implant failure. When one questions, are dental implants safe, it is an almost certain possibility that it is. There are certain situations where one has to take other factors into consideration of, are dental implants safe. For instance, are dental implants safe for pregnant women? In this case, dentist’s advice for women is to wait until their baby has been born to limit stress on the foetus.

Are dental implants safe, the answer is yes, but there is a fair amount of factors that can be harmful to the baby? X-rays, medications, and anaesthesia form just a few. Many people do get a bit of anxiety when it comes to surgery or even dental visits and this is undue stress on the foetus. If implants have already been placed, then the pregnancy can go ahead as normal and the dental crown attachments can be placed after the baby has been born.  Are dental implants safe in the long run? Dental implants have been in existence for about three decades now and there have been no serious side effects reported from people who have had them done.

As relieving as it is to know the answer to the question of are dental implants safe, this does not mean that those who have gotten them can do away with proper care. It is easier to care for dental implants than normal teeth since they do not decay but neglect must not be done due to risking gum disease for example. Continuation must be done on a daily cleaning ritual and then visiting the dentist twice a year. This may not be a question of are dental implants safe but for the dentist to be able to physically examine the implants and give an expert opinion on everything being in good condition. Knowing the answer to being yes, to that of are dental implants safe should not be a license to go ahead and not take care of your own teeth simply because there exists a way to be able to replace damaged teeth.