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How Smoking Damages Your Eyes

There is a mountain of research that shows how smoking contributes to many health problems people are facing and it is the leading cause of preventable death worldwide. Few are aware of the damage smoking does to their eyes and how it contributes to many vision problems. Below  are 10 ways our Victoria optometrist says you may not be aware of that smoking impacts a person’s vision.

  1. Smokers have twice the risk when it comes to cataracts as a non smoker. The only way to correct the problem is by undergoing a surgical procedure to restore vision.
  2. Age related Macular Degeneration is a leading cause of blindness in those individuals over 65 years of age. Smokers run triple the risk of age related macular degeneration and smoking increases the severity.
  3. Another cause of blindness in older individuals is Glaucoma, and chances of developing primary open angle glaucoma increase if you

Smoking and how it ages your skin –Can vaping improve your skin condition?

The Centers for Disease Control reports that the usage of electronic cigarettes is rapidly growing like never before as the numbers are exceeding the other tobacco alternatives combined together. Whether you consider nicotine patches or gums, tobacco cigarettes are certainly more popular among the generation that is trying hard to quit smoking. As we all know that tobacco adversely affects your skin, do you think that e-cigs are anyway better?

Well, if you consider the impact of vaping on your health, it is certainly much safer than smoking tobacco. In fact this is the reason why most people make the switch from tobacco to vapor. But if you want to know how e-cigs affect your skin, here are few questions and answers that you should take into account. We asked dermatologists about the relation between e-cigs and human skin. This is what they said.

#1: Is vaping e-cigs as harmful