Smoking and how it ages your skin –Can vaping improve your skin condition?

The Centers for Disease Control reports that the usage of electronic cigarettes is rapidly growing like never before as the numbers are exceeding the other tobacco alternatives combined together. Whether you consider nicotine patches or gums, tobacco cigarettes are certainly more popular among the generation that is trying hard to quit smoking. As we all know that tobacco adversely affects your skin, do you think that e-cigs are anyway better?

Well, if you consider the impact of vaping on your health, it is certainly much safer than smoking tobacco. In fact this is the reason why most people make the switch from tobacco to vapor. But if you want to know how e-cigs affect your skin, here are few questions and answers that you should take into account. We asked dermatologists about the relation between e-cigs and human skin. This is what they said.

#1: Is vaping e-cigs as harmful to your skin as tobacco cigarettes?

Smoking, in any form, leads to early signs of aging like undereye bags, deep wrinkles, dehydrated and dull skin. When you smoke cigarettes which release smoke and tar, this leads to reduction in the flow of oxygen to your skin, restrains your blood flow and impacts circulation and breaking down elastin and collagen. Smoking tobacco cigarettes will deplete your body of Vitamin C which is a vital nutrient that is required for the production of collagen. Smoking is similar to pollution for your skin while vaping is a little bit more lenient on your skin.

#2: Is using an e-cigarette or a vaporizer better for your skin?

Vaporizers and electronic cigarettes are a new technology and it is tough to say about its long-term impacts on your skin. Since the chemicals are similar to that of tobacco cigarettes, it is pretty likely that they would also have a bad impact on your skin. When you vape e-cigs, you tend to pucker your lips while inhaling and as a result of this lip movement, you may develop wrinkles and deep lines around your mouth.

#3: Are there any reasons to be careful about electronic cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes are the newest tobacco products which still have an unknown impact on your health. Just because it doesn’t release any smoke or tar, it is believed that it doesn’t have as harsh an impact on your skin as tobacco cigarettes. But that doesn’t mean that you can keep vaping electronic cigarettes and not harm your skin at all.

Therefore, if you love your skin and you don’t want to surrender to premature aging, you should ditch smoking for good. In case you’ve recently switched to vaping, try to reduce the nicotine level with time and also eliminate the habit of vaping as well.